Cloud Security Summit l Free Online Event

The adoption of cloud-based solutions has become a necessity for most enterprises. While a growing number of companies enjoy the agility and flexibility achieved through the cloud, security experts emphasize a number of risks and vulnerabilities related to this trending technology. Attend this summit to hear from world-class thought leaders, analysts and experienced end-users on how to mitigate the major threats and fully secure both private and public cloud.

Sign up to attend the live interactive webcasts on October 12, 2011, or view them afterward on demand here: .

Presentations include:

‘Application Security for Cloud-Based Companies’
Jim Manico, VP Security Architecture, WhiteHat Security

‘Privacy in Public: How Organizations are Securely Managing Sensitive Assets in Cloud’
Imam Sheikh, SafeNet

‘Effectively Communicating the Value of Cloud Security’
Michael Santarcangelo, The Security Catalyst

‘Is Your Data Safe in the Cloud?’
Eran Feigenbaum, Director of Security, Google Enterprise

‘Distributed Denial of Service — War Stories from the Cloud Front’
Michael Smith, Security Evangelist & John Buten, Senior Manager Enterprise Marketing, Akamai

‘The Missing "S" in Cloud’
Professor John Walker, CEO and Founder, Secure-Bastion

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