International Cloud Security Services (ICSS) Research Grant Program

Grant Program Description

The International Cloud Security Services (ICSS) research grant program is designed to develop a global industry understanding of lessons learned and best practices in the cloud era. As pioneers in information security research and development, JANUS Associates remains committed to continual professional development and learning. It is in this spirit that we developed and established an international competitive grant opportunity.

Academics, researchers, and industry professionals are invited to submit their expressions of interest. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and awards are expected to begin by early Fall 2011. Only one submission per person will be given an award, but candidates may submit multiple abstracts

General Scope of Grant Program

The ICSS grant is designed to fund research that focuses on public and private sector developments in the use of cloud related infrastructure and services. The international focus of this grant award is designed to recognize and reward the research and achievements of information security researchers and experts across developed and developing regions of the world. Candidates should propose topics that address best practices and lessons learned within a particular region, country, sector, and/or industry that has been impacted or expects to be impacted by cloud computing, migration, virtualization, and related cyber security matters. At a minimum, the abstracts should address the following:

· What region or countries are analyzed?

· Which industries are analyzed?

· Which aspects of the cloud are analyzed: computing, migration, security, etc.?

Ideal candidates will be those with international experience in information security and understanding of trends and practices in cloud-related developments. At a minimum, candidates should be able to demonstrate knowledge of IT trends that cause an organization to use “the cloud” and how these might impact security and cloud risk management. Primary consideration will be given to candidates with extensive regional experience, to include understanding of cultural, economic, and political factors impacting IT sector decisions. Candidates currently researching or working on this topic and seeking additional funding are welcome to submit their abstracts.

Award Process

Step one: Submission.

· Candidates will submit an expression of interest via email to: Submissions should include:

o CV: demonstrating the candidate’s qualifications for the proposed research.

o Research abstract: a one paragraph (1/2 page) description of the scope of proposed research. Candidates may include multiple abstracts if the scope of research is significantly different for each research topic.

o Optional: writing sample or published work related to the scope of research.

· Only successful candidates will be notified that they have been selected to advance to the review process.

Step two: Review.

· Successful candidates will be asked to provide a more detailed description of their proposal and invited to an interview. Candidates can expect to answer questions about the timeline for the research, provide writing samples, and more fully describe the research methodology.

· Candidates that do not successfully complete the review process will be notified that they will not receive a grant, but may be invited to resubmit their proposals.

Step three: Award.

· Candidates that successfully complete the review process will receive a letter confirming their award. Awards will range from $500 - $1,000 (US Dollars), depending on the depth and breadth of research. The award letter will detail the total grant, payment terms, scope of research, and timeline/work plan.

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