My first visit to the Egyptian Cloud Computing Center in Assuit..An Experiment to our New Upper Egypt

Last week, I had a great opportunity to lecture in the ITI cloud computing center in Assuit, it was an amazing experience, I met students studying the cloud computing track their Assuit branch, instructors, cloud engineers at the cloud center itself.

Well, the trip was for two days after an agreement between my company Intel, and the ITI in the context of the cooperation protocol and framework to exchange the cloud industry experience and the cloud development for the ITI graduates.

In the first day I’ve introduced to the students an overview about cloud computing and its related technologies and the second day I went through some aspects of the cloud security…

People were enthusiastic, thrilled and eager to know about the topic and honestly I didn’t hesitate to tell them all what I know about the topic and reply all of their questions …

I went to the cloud data center, though not yet complete or production-ready, but was impressed, they are on the right track, and the engineers who are working and operating the center are very good and young who are willing to know more about the technology behind this cloud data center.. i felt like i'm not in upper Egypt as we've always stereotyped.

I went through different sessions; with the whole team or on an individual-basis meeting to discuss each one issue individually… and was happy to see their responses and how well-educated and passionate about what they are doing, i missed this feeling lately, and after revolution i wanted so much to feel it out

Students at Assuit ITI are different, they are still featured or recognized with the virginity and purity of the country people … I liked talking with them all … I believe these people with some coaching and mentoring will rock it all around! :)

I left with great hope in our people, IT ones, and non-IT from all people I've met in this short visit, with promises to see them again, and hope to see many like them, I hope we sharpen the saw well, our minds are hungry for science and achievement, our hearts are awaiting for more happiness after our Great Egyptian revolution!

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