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Super Computer 10, AWS SC10

Amazon Web service super computer 10 (AWS SC10), is a nice service added by Amazon along with its long list of great features that it has to offer its clients, this feature has been built to fulfil the researchers and people needs for high performance computing resources.... For more information about SC10 visit:

You can also have a look on this nice video:

I didn't try it yet, but will give it a shot soon isA :) ...

My first visit to the Egyptian Cloud Computing Center in Assuit..An Experiment to our New Upper Egypt

Last week, I had a great opportunity to lecture in the ITI cloud computing center in Assuit, it was an amazing experience, I met students studying the cloud computing track their Assuit branch, instructors, cloud engineers at the cloud center itself.

Well, the trip was for two days after an agreement between my company Intel, and the ITI in the context of the cooperation protocol and framework to exchange the cloud industry experience and the cloud development for the ITI graduates.

An approach to cloud computing security for SMEs in Egypt

One of our Cloud Security members is conducting an online survey for Egypt SMEs, it is focused on measuring the awareness of cloud computing for SMEs in Egypt. In addition, it measures if SMEs in Egypt are using or intending to use cloud services and how they deal with the related security concerns and also measures the awareness of recommendation guidelines such as CSA guideline and others and whether they implemented any previously and what was their experience.

Amazon and Wikileaks

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is on longer hosting WikiLeaks (250,000+ classified State Department documents and cables that include disclosures about the nuclear ambitions of Iran, candid comments from world leaders and numerous other revelations of confidential matters. Amazon states that it terms of use ... and this is raises a flag about cloud vendors and their governance of users data hosted at their infrastructure!

I've found and interesting article about Amazon kicking off wikileaks site from EC2 cloud instances, and liked to share it with you ...

Skills needed to shift to the cloud

Many people asked me about the skills needed when they want to shift to the cloud computing ?!

Interesting question actually, and I'll try to write down my thoughts about this ...

ماهي الحوسبة السحابية؟

ماهي الحوسبة السحابية؟

لقد تم استخدام مصطلح " السحابة" في بادىء الأمر للدلالة على الانترنت. واستمد هذا الاستخدام في الاصل من تصويره الشائع في مخططات الشبكة على انه رسم أولي لسحابة يتم استخدامه لتمثيل نقل البيانات من مراكز البيانات إلى موقعها النهائي في الجانب الاخر من السحابة.

EMC targets FISMA compliance in the Cloud

EMC is developing technology to track and verify the location of virtual machines in cloud networks, potentially solving one of the key sticking points preventing customers from using the cloud.